Writing is my RPG

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Writing is like playing a role playing game. How, you may ask. There are many obstacles a writer must overcome. Something as simple as finding a quiet place to write, or even the time to write may prove challenging.

On the more complicated front, a writer is as good as their content and marketing ability. These are like the monsters and mini bosses littered across a level. As the cliché goes, you begin armed with a pen; though I guess today, it would be more accurate to say you are armed with a keyboard. Networking is an essential component of any field. So maybe you periodically ask for assistance or advice from these people. You have just added the ally special attack. As you trudge along, you find tidbits of information that fill gear slots of armor. You read forums and magazines unlocking the randomly placed treasure chests. You may pick up freelance projects and do some contract work as you write the dream filled content your heart craves. These side quests help build your resume and establish you as a professional writer. As I am at the beginning of my writing career, I write this blog during my character development. I want to be a writer, I scream. I choose my stats and character design. Am I going to be a ranger, a mage, a fighter, or a thief? Maybe I will do a cross-class and write short stories, a blog, and a book.

A picture of a rogure holding a sword in each hand

The boss fight quickly approaches. One might naturally think that after defeating the boss, your work becomes commercially successful. The gold pieces fill your pouch that rests on your hip. The truth is the boss is you. You must defeat your doubts and fears. You must put aside the distractions. Only then can you sit and write. Only then can you defeat the boss. When you do claim victory over the fallen foe, you know that the boss has unlimited respawns and you will face the boss again. However, you have succeeded, and the once blank page is filled with cohesive well-written sentences. The day’s work is complete. Tomorrow, a new adventure begins.

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