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The Mirror Room

“Get up!” “Huh?” I rolled over to glimpse at the clock through half open eyes. “It’s 2 am.” I stated groggily. “Up! Up! Don’t dilly-dally. I don’t have all morning to waste on you,” said a gravely voice with a New York accent. I looked over and saw what appeared to be a little man […]

How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Frustration does not adequately describe how a writer feels when the ideas dry up. The impetus to write remains, but with nothing to write about, we feel lost. There is no one solution. Sometimes something will work and other times it won’t. Inspiration comes when it wants. We can’t force creativity. But when it’s your […]

How to Write Dialogue

Despite how easy it is to have a conversation with another person in real life, it doesn’t translate to text. If we were to transcribe our real life conversations, we’d be bored writing it and the reader wouldn’t stand a chance. While there are many nuances to writing dialogue and different philosophies on what makes […]

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